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Our congregation is alive with the ideas and energy of children. We invite your family to participate in the many activities we have to offer. Our program is open to everyone, regardless of religious background or present beliefs. We offer a strong community in which children can learn, develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults, and grow spiritually. We strive to offer an opportunity for our children to learn about themselves as they search for truth and meaning in their lives, and to help them grow in compassion and respect for all people. We teach them to respect and care for the earth and we hope to inspire in them a life-long commitment to peace and justice.

Our religious education program offers an engaging variety of learning experiences for each level, appropriate to the children's developmental needs and abilities, grounded in our Unitarian Universalist principles.

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Click on the link below for our on-line registration of your child or children for our Sunday religious education program.

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Nursery (Infants – Age 3):  Caring child care is available each Sunday for infants to age 3 or 4.  Children are signed in and out by their parent/guardian and are picked up from the nursery room immediately after the service.

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Our K-2nd Graders will be using the Spirit Play model - a Montessori-based program that teaches children about UU principles and history through storytelling and play. Children consider the spirit of love and the mystery of life in an environment designed to elicit wonder.  Following a story about a core area of our faith, children discover their own answers to a variety of “wondering” questions.  A choice of hands-on activities then provides the opportunity for further discovery and expression.  A spiritual community is created that supports multiple learning styles.

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This year we focus on our Judeo-Christian heritage using two curricula and always grounded in our UU value structure.  These curricula reinforce values such as respect for all, sharing worldly goods, conflict resolution, friendship and forgiveness:

Timeless Themes: Presents stories from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles which are central to our culture and to our heritage as Unitarian Universalists. 

Jesus and His Kingdom of Equals: Introduces students to Jesus as the Jewish reformer who brought a message of egalitarianism to the oppressed and powerless and who described a kingdom of love already present in the hearts of the people. 

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Social justice is our theme this year, centering on five of our seven UU principles and encouraging youth to look beyond themselves to larger world issues and concerns.  We use two curricula:

In Our Hands: An exploration of phenomena in human life today that manifest in injustices and conflict.  We also learn about the contributions of contemporary and historical UUs to peace-making and building justice in the world. 

Heeding the Call: Qualities of a Justicemaker:  Imagining ourselves as agents of change in the world is an important step in developing qualities crucial to justice work.  Youth reflect on their own lives while making connections to the lives of others, building self-awareness while growing as leaders.


High School, 9th - 12th Grade PDF Print E-mail

A Place of Wholeness: Is designed to help youth develop a holistic understanding of their Unitarian Universalist faith and community, articulate what this means to them, and feel confident in living their faith with integrity. This will occur through a series of workshops, group discussions, and attending one monthly worship service, along with social action projects the class will participate in during the RE year and in a planned service trip during  the summer of 2016-17 to Washington D.C.



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We offer two Transitions programs as our children move from childhood to adolescence and on to adulthood, each culminating in them leading a Sunday worship service.

Transitions 1 – Identity for 5th and 6th Graders is a 5-week program that leads children through a process of reflection and discovery as they make the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Senior Bridging invites our graduating seniors to examine their faith and consider what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist as they transition from youth to young adults


NEW-Living Our Principles Sundays (combined RE classes)

A new curriculum this year will be occurring one Sunday per month. The combined ages class will focus on one of our core UU principles and be highlighted by various social justice, educational, and artistic presentations. The youth will have a chance to interact on a multi-age level with each other as they focus on learning about issues and values that will impact their UU identities.


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