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A relatively recent addition to the family of Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations in southeastern Wisconsin, ours was founded by a group of UUs residing in the Lake Country area. Our vision was that this region, with its rapid population growth, could only be fully reached with a local UU congregation of its own. We are not a spin-off from a sister church—rather, we were founded on an independent, start-up basis. We are proud of this heritage, and our growth over the past few years has shown the original vision to be a realistic one.

We began holding weekly services in September 1997, and were accepted for affiliation with the worldwide Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). For several years, we rented and held services on Sunday evenings at Delafield Presbyterian Church. In November 2000, we outgrew that building and moved to Jerusalem Presbyterian Church in Wales, where we continued to rent and hold services on Sunday evenings. In March 2006 we outgrew that building as well. We were finally able to purchase our own building in Hartland and change to a morning meeting time.

When we opened our doors in Hartland in March 2006, we had 60 members. We now have over 150 members and 75 children!
In May of 2013 our congregation voted to hire our first full-time minister, Rev. Amy P. Shaw! That summer we also began offering Sunday services every week, instead of just September through May!

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