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Recent services are described below, from most current to least current.

Recent Recordings

2017-04-16 Shaw: Easter - Rise Again

2017-03-19 Shaw: Rubber Noses

2017-03-05 Shaw: Get the Church Out of My Bed

2017-02-26 Shaw: Shephards and Wolves

2017-01-22 Shaw: Kindness

2017-01-01 Shaw: We Begin Again in Love

2016-12-25 Shaw: What Child is This

2016-12-24 Shaw: Christmas Eve

2016-11-20 Shaw: The Table is Set

2016-10-30 Shaw: Day of the Dead

2016-10-16 Shaw: Surviving Below the Line

2016-10-09 Shaw: You Won't Break

2016-05-29 Shaw: We Remember

2016-05-15 Shaw: God’s Debris

2016-05-08 Shaw: Mothers of Courage, Daughters of Dust

2016-04-17 Shaw: Ritual

2016-04-10 Shaw: Drawing Down the Moon

2016-04-03 Shaw: Feast of Fools

2016-03-27 Shaw: On the Third Day

2016-03-20 Shaw: Party Like It’s Purim

2016-03-06 Shaw: Four Noble Truths and Some Great Big Lies

2016-02-28 Shaw: In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash

2016-02-14 Shaw: Love Changes Everything

2016-02-07 Mui: Let’s Talk about the Unspeakable

2016-01-31 Shaw: I Lift My Eyes

2016-01-24 Shaw: Pray for Peace, Fight for Justice

2016-01-17 Shaw: Martin Luther King

2015-12-24 Shaw: O Holy Night

2015-12-20 Shaw: One Voice Was Heard

2015-12-06 Shaw: Little Miracles

2015-11-22 Shaw: Setting a Welcome Table

2015-11-15 Santo: A Loaded Word - God

2015-11-08 Shaw: We Are One

2015-11-01 Shaw: Day of the Dead

2015-10-25 Shaw: Ghosts

2015-10-18 Fackler: A None’s Guide to Building Your Own Religion

2015-10-11 Shaw: Circle Game

2015-09-27 Andrews: The Impatience of Job

2015-09-20 Shaw: Who Are You?

2015-09-13 Shaw: Come Out, Come out

2015-09-06 Shaw: 9 to 5 (re-recording)

2015-08-30 Shaw: Water Communion

2015-08-23 Shaw: Radical Hospitality

2015-08-16 Moraine: Things We Collect

2015-08-09 Shaw: Blessing of the Animals

2015-07-05 Andrews: Our Land

2015-06-14 Shaw: Sunny Side of Life

2015-06-07 Shaw: Deeds Not Creeds

2015-05-31 Shaw: Flower Communion

2015-05-24 Shaw: Memorial Day

2015-05-17 Shaw: Mother's Day

2015-05-3 Shaw: Happy

2015-04-12 Shaw: Passover

2015-04-05 Shaw: Alleluia - Easter

2015-03-29 Wolfgram: Black Lives Matter

2015-03-22 Shaw: Annunciation

2015-03-15 Shaw: The Wheel of the Year

2015-03-08 Moraine: Shake the Dust

2015-03-01 Shaw: Fund Raising and Ferengi: Everything I Needed to Know About Stewardship I Learned on Star Trek

2015-02-22 Shaw: Riding the Nian and Loving Yourself: Chinese New Year

2015-02-15 Shaw: Love the Hell Out Of the World

2015-01-25 Shaw: On the Road to Damascus

2015-01-18 Shaw: Martin Luther King Day

2015-01-11 Chard: Realistic Optimism



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