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Social Action
We participate in a variety of social action projects locally and on state, national, and international levels. From doing fundraisers for organizations that align with our mission to rolling up our sleeves and getting a little sweaty, we are proud of our outreach to the community and the way we live our values and principles through action.  Regular activities have included serving meals to the homeless through Cooperating Congregations of Waukesha County, cleaning up our world through  Adopt-a-Highway, monthly food pantry collections, and more. Click here for more information.

We worship with music, song, candles, laughter, and thoughtfulness. Each Sunday we light a chalice, provide a story for our children, express joys and concerns, share meaningful silence, and reflect on the message of the sermon. Whether the service is led by our minister, a layperson, or a guest speaker, our services seek to teach us, amuse us, prod us, and ground us in our UU traditions and values. Click here for more information.

Religious Education for Our Children and Youth
We pass our tradition on to future generations in many ways. Our children are taught with religious education materials developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association. They become well-grounded in Unitarian Universalism and develop an understanding of all the world’s major religions. Our children are an integral part of the life of the congregation. Click here for more information.

Adult Enrichment
We offer a variety of adult enrichment activities, which have included book discussion groups, meditation, philosophical discussions, writing groups, and more. Click here for more information.

Green Sanctuary
The Green Sanctuary Committee seeks to stimulate dialog on the theological, spiritual, and ethical aspects of human activities that affect the health and sustainability of the living earth, and to promote and support practices and activities consistent with these ideals — at LCUUC in our congregation, worship, and facilities; with the lifestyle choices of our members, friends and families; and as a member of the Lake Country community. Learn more here.

Social Activities
At LCUUC we have fun together — we camp, canoe, eat together, play games and hold movie nights, and volunteer our time and skills to support the life of the church. Visit our online newsletter for current activities.

For a list of additional committees, click here


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Please schedule appointments to see either the minister or director of religious education.

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