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From JS Bach to Joan Baez, Couperin to Coltrane, Mozart to McFerrin—music at LCUUC enhances and uplifts each Sunday’s worship theme, helping us build community, explore our spirituality, and celebrate and connect with our world.

Get involved with the Music Program:

Our Intergenerational Choir meets weekly on Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm for rehearsal, including a short break mid-way to enjoy snacks and socializing. Singers ages 5th grade and up are welcome. No experience or audition required. The Choir performs an average of 2 times per month at the 10:00am Sunday worship service.

Choir Director: Doug Esty:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Special music, all-music worship services, special music events: members and friends are welcome to share their musical gifts with the congregation through solo and ensemble performances during Sunday worship and fellowship events such as campfire singing, “coffee house” evenings, holiday caroling, etc.

Music Director: Nancy Bratt:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Quotes from Choir Members and Music Committee Members about “what music means to me at LCUUC": 

The physical aspect of singing in the choir and in the service seems to help us as a family to connect the service to a deeper part of us in our hearts and minds. I find that we seem to take home the song and words, and the "song stays in our heads" as we go through the week. My teen says how she has a particular song in her head for the days following the service.

Singing in the choir appeals to the musical side of my spirituality. It is special to be part of a group where we blend our voices to bring joy to ourselves and others.

Being in the choir offers a chance to grow vocally in a supportive environment, feel the energy of joy and convergence as our voices combine and become one chord, and offers a way to give to others.

Hearing others sing/perform in the service allows me to see a side of them that I normally don't see, enhances my spiritual experience by transporting me out of my thinking self, and it is fun to bear witness to someone taking a leap by expressing their creative side. Music makes LCUUC feel more like a community; it weaves us together and defines us.

Music is vital to my life and well-being - all sorts of music. I can't do without it. I do calisthenics and yoga to Salsa, The Beetles, Mozart - whatever - it's great for my blood-pressure and to warm my heart. Being an older member of the choir with my own family grown, I love being in a "Sound of Music" Trapp Family, with a Julie Andrews director who gives us a rainbow of "I’m Sixteen", "Holy City”, “Sing Me to Heaven" and "We Shall Overcome" to sing, and brings bright young voices into harmony with a full range of adult voices. We are also richly blessed with a church of music lovers, soloists, accompanists and musicians enough to make up a small orchestra. Alleluia! I love it!

Music takes me out of the ordinary experience, into a sort of timeless state, connected to the pulse, energy and movement/vibration of existence.

Peace, harmony, laughter.

Music at LCUUC means sharing spiritual ideas together. It means community building. It means wonderful music and great people. It means a really fun time.

Music is a significant part of my experience at LCUUC services. Both in singing and listening to the choir, music takes the thoughts that matter to me to a more spiritual or emotional plane—sort of like reinforcing the thoughts that make sense in a logical realm by placing them within my emotional self. too.

Music at LCUUC has always been the most enjoyable and emotional moments at church for me. I am infinitely grateful that our choir director allows everyone to join the choir and that we have so many talented musicians who share their music with us throughout the year.

While I'm not sure if there is a heaven, I am sure that if there is one it has lots of incredible music. Imagine Glenn Miller conducting Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Pavarotti, Gene Kruppa, Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday and Rachmaninov at your reception upon crossing over. At LCUUC our musicians are less well known but often equally impressive. There are many ways to contemplate the divine and of these music, whether listening to it or participating in its creation, is the one I feel the most.

Music is the only international language for all people.

Words can only express the smaller half of my soul. For the other half, there's always music.


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