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We welcome you into our community of caring, learning, spiritual exploration, and action for the greater good.  LCUUC is a Welcoming Congregation, meaning that the congregation believes in being inclusive of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender people. 

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COM Appreciative Inquiry Session & Brown Bag Supper

Friday, March 27 from 6 - 9 p.m.
(This session is for members who did not already attend the February session.)
WHAT IS IT?   Vision-Quest is our search for a vision for our next 5-10 years of church life. It will involve creating a vision, choosing goals for our congregation, and making sure our mission statement aligns with, and represents, our community.

WHAT WILL WE BE DOING?   The Committee on Ministry will be helping me to lead an Appreciative Inquiry Session to kick off our Vision-Quest. All members and friends are STRONGLY encouraged to attend.  Bring a brown bag supper.

WHAT HAPPENS AT AN APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY SESSION?   We will begin in one large group, and I will give an overview of the process.  Then we will break out into multiple groups of 8, and each person will be asked to pick when LCUUC has made them feel most involved/connected/affirmed or excited (a “peak” moment) and to fill out a sheet answering specific questions about that peak moment and about what they value most at LCUUC.

We’ll break for supper.

And then get back together in our small groups to trade sheets with another group and look for common threads and experiences.

This positive-focused process is the beginning of the creation of our five year goals for LCUUC, and the first step in our Vision-Quest. In order to make it work, YOU ARE NEEDED!

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Warmly, Rev. Amy


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Please note: the Office Administrator will be in on Wed., March 25 from 9 am-Noon & off on Fri., March 27.
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Environmental Issues of Our Time Course

March 29 - Threats to Lake Michigan (including invasive species)

Sundays from noon to 1:30 p.m. through March 29

The primary goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of current environmental issues, which will enable us to make better informed choices (e.g., what we purchase, do on our property, how we vote) and act as better stewards of the Earth.  Increased knowledge and understanding of these issues will put participants in a better position to work toward environmental justice.

Instructor:  Elisabeth Harrahy, Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin- Whitewater.

Each session will include a PowerPoint presentation (lots of photos, brief video clips) that introduces the topic and focuses on environmental (and sometimes human health) impacts.  Open discussion time (with some guiding questions) will follow.  Optional homework may include brief papers to read and a documentary to watch (e.g., Gasland).

A donation to LCUUC of $5 per session is suggested and can be offered at the time of the class.  No need to register, just attend and give Elisabeth your donation.

For more information, click here.


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